Nair™ Totally Touchable Tips for Winter

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Whilst it’s less likely you’re baring your skin quite as much as you would over summer, most women want soft smooth hairless skin all year round.

So, why not try a gentler way of removing hair over the cooler months?

A depilatory cream is a fast, relatively cheap and easy way to remove unwanted hair from your face, bikini area, legs and other sensitive areas, all in the comfort of your own home.

The term depilatory actually means ‘removing the hair’

A depilatory cream works as it contains agents that have the effect of attaching to the protein content in the hair follicles and slowly dissolving the protein.

This makes the composition of the hair actually break down, allowing the residue to be easily be wiped off with a cloth or rinsed off in the shower.

Nair products, readily available at all leading retailers, contain moisturising ingredients to leave your skin soft, hair free and moisturised.